McCain, relocating the Navajo and Big Coal

July 27, 2008

The whole point of Native Americans Against Obama, one can imagine, is to get John McCain elected.

In 1974 (McCain entered the Senate in 1987 and Congress in 1983), the Navajo (also Dineh, also Dine) were relocated so a coal company could have a strip mine.

For now, I’ll supply a couple links, and include some keywords, since I’ll obviously have to do more research before I’m sure this story is exactly how it is presented.

I am suspect, in part, because the website hosting the following videos also has links to the truth about Roswell. Even so, I’m looking at the following 70s-style documentary, with its corny themes of Native American spirituality (Native Americans are humans, moving them to toxic waste dumps shouldn’t happen even if they are entirely non-spiritual) and it looks pretty bad.

Part 1

Part 2

The United Nations has a page on the Navajo issue

I think I found it via Progressive Historian

The issue starts with a 1974 order, and then there are a whole bunch of bills I can’t find on Thomas. For example, one of the bills passed is described as “partition” and if you search for that word and the 106th Congress, you find S1586, the Indian Land Consolidation Act Amendments of 2000, which definitely deals with Najavao and oil/gas contracts (see Section 200 and on) but which seems pretty darn fair. Not 100% glorious, but fine.

This is the key story, that seems to have a lot of the details people repeat without further research. That links says Common Cause has indicated that McCain received compensation for his work, but googling McCain and (any other term from the story) and always reveals nothing.

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